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  • Kershaw Cryo

    The 1555TI Kershaw Cryo Is One Of The Most Trusted EDC Knives. Here’s Why.

    kershaw cryo edc knife

    There are people that like knives, and there are people that just can’t leave for work without the best possible knife for their budget in their pocket. I fall somewhere in between because I definitely need a knife in my everyday carry, but I really don’t care whether it’s on a Multitool or a stand-alone. […]

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  • Kershaw Leek Drop Point EDC Knife

    Simple, Elegant and Functional: Kershaw Leek EDC Knife

    kershaw leek edc knife

    The Kershaw Leek is a true Everyday Carry knife for the budget minded enthusiast. Coming in under $40, this Kershaw is affordable yet gets the job done. It’s the type of knife that you can put on your desk at work because it doesn’t look tactical, and if you lose it, it’s not going to […]