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Economical Pocket Notebooks; A Cheap Field Notes Alternative

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I just found out about Elan Field Notebook a month ago. When it comes to pocket notebooks, I can easily go through three or four in a month. 24 sheets don’t last a long time, and when you only get three at a time, as such with Field Notes, Moleskine, and most other pocket notebook brands, it can add up quick.

Fortunately, the Elan Field Notebook is the perfect Field Notes alternative. They come 5 to a pack for about the same price – $10 per pack, or $2 each (as opposed to $3.33 each on Field Notes and Moleskine)

The field notebooks are a standard 3.5″ x 5.5″ size.

The cover of the Field Notebook is a fairly durable cardstock while the pages feel like an 80 GSM paperweight (the manufacturer doesn’t specify).

Each notebook has 48 pages / 24 sheets of lined, dotted, and graph paper.

Cover colors are Black, Kraft, Orange, and Yellow.

Note: The Orange “Indestructible” weatherproof notebooks come 4 to a pack rather than 5 for $10

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