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An Inexpensive Everyday Carry Pocket Pen

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Your New Everyday Carry Pen

When it comes to a cheap everyday carry pen, the Pokka Pen is what you need.

This small pen is no longer than a Bic lighter when closed up, but is comparable in length to a full-size pen when in use.

Due to their small size, durability and low cost, these are the kinds of pens that you’ll want to have everywhere: your backpack, desk drawer, the car, and pretty much every EDC bag you have.

Pokka Pens on a Tactical Bag

The Pokka Pen was developed as an inexpensive alternative for the Fisher Space Pens by Terry O’Connor, but the benefits for you are bigger than just the low cost.

The Pokka Pens come in a lot of different colors and styles making it kind of fun to randomly pull one out. They look really cool, weigh next to nothing, and as I said before, don’t take up any more room in your pocket than a Bic lighter, making them the perfect Everyday Carry Pen.

pokka pen next to bic lighter

Most of all, these pens are convenient. They can go anywhere with you and for most people will serve the need for having a good, reliable, but cheap pen.

Pokka Pen Size

The pen is around 3.3 inches long closed, which is about the length of a lighter. It’s even shorter than my Fisher “Trekker” space pen by about a half inch. The diameter of the pen is comparable to most other run-of-the-mill pens and mechanical pencils, measuring around 0.4 inches.

When in use, the cap is put onto the back of the pen, and the full length is a pretty standard 5.5 inches, enough for anyone to use comfortably.

Pokka pen next to full-size Zebra pen for scale

My 9-year-old daughter prefers to use the pen without the cap. She says that the shorter length is easier to hold in her small hands when she’s writing or drawing.

The only gripe that some people might have is that the pen’s grip area is only 0.35 inches in diameter which can be a bit hard to grip with non-tactile gloves or fat hands (not judging).


At the end of the pen (not the cap), there are two O-Rings. These ensure that the cap stays on. The pen makes a really satisfying click sound when you secure the cap to either side.

pokka pen o-rings up close

The Pokka Pen feels really durable and appears very well made (made in the U.S.A.). The cap doesn’t shimmy about when you’re using the pen, for example, even though it accounts for almost half the length of the pen when in use.

Thoughts On Using The Pokka Pen

In my initial field tests, which included carrying the pen around with me everywhere in my jeans pocket, Writing meeting notes all day, and using it for any other writing task I was confronted with, the pen performed beautifully.


The feeling of writing with the Pokka pen is very similar to using a Bic Crystal, those old clear Bic pens you can still find in junk drawers, at doctor’s offices, and by your grandparent’s rotary telephone. The lines are dark and crisp, considering this is a cheap pen, and the overall feel is very comfortable if you need to use it to write a long letter to your Great Aunt Bessie.

Pokka Pens Are Refillable

Don’t even think about tossing out that used Pokka Pen! Proprietary refills are offered on the website and come in packs of three. See the site for more details. Sorry, but these pens can’t use Fisher space pen inserts.

Pokka Pens are designed to be ultra-portable, but they can serve as a full-time pen in my opinion. While they’re pocket-sized pens, they do the job that they’re designed to do very well, and I’m starting to use mine as not just an everyday carry pen, but an “every use” pen.

Pokka Pens aren’t available on Amazon.

Right now, you can get the Pokka pens over on the official website, and they come in packs of three, five or 10 (and some selections allow you to purchase just one or a pack of 20 in addition to the other pack counts).

At the time of this review, prices start at $4.95 for a single pen, but the real savings is in the quantity.

For the Kryptek Neptune, Kryptek Highlander,  and Kryptek Banshee pens, the price breakdown is as follows:

  • One pen – $4.95
  • 3 pens – $13.95 ($4.65/ea.)
  • 5 pens – $22.95 ($4.59/ea.)

Solid Colors: Midnight Blue, Kanary Yellow, All Blakk, All Blaze, Earth
Combo Colors: Blakk/Blaze Orange, Blakk/Yellow, Klear/Yellow, Klear/Blaze Orange and Klear/Blue

  • 3 pens – $8.45 ($2.81/ea)
  • 5 pens – 13.45 ($2.61/ea)
  • 10 pens – $25.95 ($2.60/ea)
  • 20 pens – $39.95 ($2.00/ea)

Pokka Pens also offers combo packs in yellow, black, blue and green. Each comes with a matching color, except for green, which comes with two All Blaze (red) pens. These combo packs are priced at $12.95 and include two Rite-In-The-Rain pocket notebooks.

There are other offerings on the website, so you’ll have to head to PokkaPens.com for the current offerings and prices.

I purchased these pens, and they were not given to me as a promotion or as an incentive (see the image of receipt) for a favorable review.

my pokka pen invoice

I actually do like these pens more than others I’ve tried. They look great, they feel great, and they work great, but don’t just take my word for it, check out the reviews by the Pen Addict, Gadgeteer, and the Gentleman’s Stationer to get even more information and thoughts about the Pokka Pen.

pokka pen with tactical everyday carry gear

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