Artist On the Go: Pocket + Slingbag EDC

submitted by thanshuhai

I have posted an EDC here back in 2016 (See here: which covers my backpack and digital tablet. Yet lately I’m finding myself needing an alternative compact way to store my essentials whenever I want to leave my backpack behind. This is also a complimentary for my backpack in-case I wanna have that as well.

I have this setup for two weeks now, the ones on the left until to the watch are the ones I have on my pocket/body, while the rest on the other side I have in my slingbag. I’m honestly surprised how much you could fit inside that bag. I have to say I’m really happy with this and if ever I want some serious load I can just put my backpack on along with this and I’m set to get off town or somewhere I wanted to be.

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