Casio World Time Watch AE-1200WH With 5 Alarms

The Casio AE1200WH “Casio Royal” Offers the Best Value for under $20

Casio AE1200 World Time Watch

I’ve had a Casio AE-1200WH for about six months now.

Out of all the men’s watches I own, it’s got to be my favorite for everyday use. Oh, and just a side note, the Compass doesn’t come with the watch. You can get those here.

It’s extremely inexpensive, coming in at less than $20 the Casio AE1200 makes for the perfect “forget that it’s on your wrist” watch.

The fact that it’s so inexpensive means you don’t have to worry about losing it or the watch getting banged up.

Casio Men’s Digital Watch

World map - world time indicator
LED light with afterglow
5 daily alarms

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Price: $17.49

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The watch features world time mode, allowing you to select four favorite time zones from 42 cities around the world. You have one home time zone and three others that you can toggle through from the main screen.

You can also select any of the 42 time zones by pressing the button once and then making your selection.

casio ae1200 world time budget watch

The round ani-digital clock in the upper left will always show the home time, giving you dual time display.

The map will show you what time zone your watch is set to.

casio aw1200 watch face

In addition to being a world time watch, the Casio AE-1200WH offers 5 alarms and is water resistant to 100 meters / 10 bar.

The backlight emits amber light from two LEDs on either side of the face and can be set to stay on for either 1.5 or three seconds.

Lastly, as with most Casio digital watches, there is a stopwatch and timer function as well.

Personally, having the 5 Alarms and World time are the best features of the watch for me. I love having both my local time and UTC displayed on the face.

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